Weekly Photo Challenge: Carefree



This photo was taken on vacation in January 2013, during our Australian summer. To me it is the epitome of carefree; the joys of childhood and summer holidays all wrapped up in one. I look at it now with wistfulness and pray that when we return to this place next summer my son will still be the carefree little boy he is in this photo. He’s had a lot to deal with between the two summers. His mum being diagnosed with breast cancer, undergoing surgery and chemotherapy, being so ill, with all the stresses this puts on even the most functional of families….that’s a lot for a little kid to deal with. I don’t want it to dampen in any way his joy of life and the carefree abandon that all 9 year olds should have. We could learn a lot from our kids. This photo reminds me of the good times and gives me hope that there will be days like this ahead.


About stemgir1

Scientist, mother, survivor of childhood cancer, diagnosed in 2013 with breast cancer. Lover of life.
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11 Responses to Weekly Photo Challenge: Carefree

  1. lmarieallen says:

    What an awesome action shot! There will no doubt be lots of days like this ahead for you and your son. Keep your chin up. Chemo sucks!


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  3. bikerchick57 says:

    There WILL be fun days ahead for you and your son. I hope you are headed toward healthier, happier days.


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  5. znjavid says:

    I hope and pray both you and your son get to enjoy many many carefree days. Thanks for following my blog.


  6. viveka says:

    It should be every child’s right to be carefree … so long as possible! I really like your entry.


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