Weekly photo challenge: Inside

Loving life at 97It’s a little fuzzy, but this recent photo of my grandfather on his 97th birthday immediately came to mind upon hearing that this week’s photo challenge is Inside.

One look at this photo says everything about what my cherished grandfather is like on the inside; full of life and laughter, kind and happy to be the patriarch of a tribe of children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. This man is so loved in return.


About stemgir1

Scientist, mother, survivor of childhood cancer, diagnosed in 2013 with breast cancer. Lover of life.
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21 Responses to Weekly photo challenge: Inside

  1. ldaffin says:

    This picture moved me this morning; now I’m all teary eyed trying to type. It reminds me of my now deceased grandfather; it’s so wonderful to have photos like this that so beautifully show their personality 🙂


  2. Nando says:

    Love the pin he’s wearing: despite his great age, his smile and laughter is that as a boy inside!


    • stemgir1 says:

      Yes, he was loving being the “birthday boy”. I love hearing him talk about his days as a boy and young man. I just watched a movie set in 1916 with all the old clothes, houses etc…the things my Pop has seen!


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  4. lmarieallen says:

    Beautiful! Older folks always seem to know how to enjoy life without questioning it.


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  7. Passenger says:

    What a great and wonderous interpitatoin. I can just see the joy of life. May you continue to blessed.


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  9. seeker says:

    Yes, yes, yes….


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  11. Java Girl says:

    Epic smile! Love it!


  12. Love this photo! The fact that it is a little blurry gives it even more character. We just finished celebrating my dad’s 60th birthday today, it really makes you put all these moments in perspective doesn’t it? Wonderful photo!


  13. Katjusa says:

    It makes me smile 🙂


  14. What a wonderful photo! That photo sure does say it all, doesn’t it?! I miss my grandfathers so much! Thanks for sharing yours today : )


  15. the essence of a great photo is not its technical perfection but how it captures the subject’s personality. You have done that very well in this photo. Great portrait.


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